Strategic Digital Marketing Professional

About Me

pw-profileWhen it comes to digital marketing I’m absolutely fanatical about data and optimization. I’m comfortable making tough judgement calls with qualitative data. And, for some reason, SEO comes second nature.

I use data to grow online audiences, enhance¬†user experience, and increase conversions. I like to experiment. Every once in a while I’m right.

My career includes time as a small business owner, plus corporate gigs for sales (including training and management), marketing analysis, product management, and digital strategy.

When I’m not looking at charts and graphs, I have a few websites I tinker around with. I also like to visit craft breweries and run once or twice a week to keep the waistline down.

If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, we should connect.

NOTE: I am not currently pursuing any freelance or contract work, though my team at WebStrategies, Inc. might be able to help you out.