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Three Fun Google Glass Parodies

With Google Glass taking all the attention in the marketing and tech news, I thought I’d share some of the related funnies that have come across my various streams over the past few days.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live did an entertaining parody on the Weekend Update sketch where Fred Armisen is the tech blogger doing a live demonstration of basic Google Glass functions. For example, to order some Italian food, Armisen commands, “OK Glass: Italian”, but has to repeat the command several times, then the device changes language to Italian. Armisen then speaks Italian to change it back to English, then he says to the host, “Wasn’t that easy, Seth?”

Fox News wrote about the parody this morning, but their article included another gem which is simply a tumblr blog of white guys wearing Google Glass

One of my favorites is from what I think as an unlikely source of parody, The Wall Street Journal, which has created An Etiquette Guide. The guide points out improper use of Google Glass using humorous Victorian era artwork with lines, like “OK Glass, post to Yelp!: The spinach quiche, Meh.” Photo via, Wall Street Journal on Facebook.

Google Glass Etiquette via Wall Street Journal

In All Seriousness

I’m fascinated with how quickly mobile technology evolves. I expect device makers will continue to shoot for improved experiences, and not just more one-dimensional touch screens. What kind of play is Google Glass? Is this really the connected device of the future? I’m not 100% convinced yet.

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