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New Inbox For Gmail Adds Tabs To Keep Junk From Spam

Google released a new organizational feature for Gmail today that should help tidy up inbox’s around the globe. Users will now see tabs (or categories) at the top of their inbox which will automatically filter for social media notifications and promotions. There are a few optional tabs that can be added too, which will filter out  messages for account updates and forums notifications.

At first, these categorizations seem unusual. But to me, the messages automatically grouped in the Social and Promotions tabs are the ones most often deleted without opening (the Junk). So I think it’s helpful for keeping my more important communications in plain view.

At risk, however, is the fact that many brand communications (email campaigns, newsletters, and the like) fall into the Promotions tab. This could make it even less likely that these messages get seen by readers, and as a marketer, this certainly has me concerned. On the other hand, just like with changes in SEO over the past year or so, it seems Google is forcing marketers to focus on delivering value – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Deliver value, and customers will reward you with their attention.


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