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What’s Old Is New Again

Here I am on the last day of April watching streaming TED talks on my Roku box putting together my blog, and writing my first blog post – again. Yes, I’ve blogged before. The first time I blogged was to promote my fledgling bike repair business – circa 2008. Then in 2009, I started my smallbizphil-themed consulting franchise and starting blogging about small business, social media, and online marketing. In 2010, I decided to get serious about consulting and I imported my personal smallbizphil blog content into my quasi-corporate blog and resource center. In 2012, I shut down my business (and my quasi-corporate blog) when I landed a full-time job in Roanoke, VA.

This time will be different

I feel this attempt at a blog is markedly different than each of the previous attempts. Each of the previous blogs were set up for no other reason than to promote my work. This time, I’m blogging for me. I’m not trying to reach new customers. I’m not trying to brand myself an expert in my field. I simply want to share some experiences and share content I find interesting.

This time, I’m not going to have a blog that focuses exclusively on one theme or topic. I’m going to blog about, well, whatever I feel like. I envision some content about personal events, current events, business trends, digital media, and perhaps an occasional rant.

This time, I’m going to plan out a blog schedule, and not just blog when I feel like it. I’m committing to the blog, to the content, and to myself.

I believe this blog is worth doing – to keep my mind fresh; to keep up my writing skills, and to force me to stay current and relevant.

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